Samuel James - series illustrator

Samuel James is a US photographer, illustrator and life-design artist. Born and raised between China and Japan, he is currently studying art & design in Japan with specialization in digital artwork. Aside from his illustration work, he regularly contributes to designing public and commercial spaces, including bookshops and upscale cafes.

"At the modern pace of life we view damaged things as useless, behaving as if things we don't notice or need at that space and time don't even exist. If this were how everyone viewed things, then the world would be a poorer place.

I take the broken, discarded or unnoticed things, making them and the story of where they were and who used them known to everyone who stops to listen. Noticing is just the first step. We have to appreciate the innate value of the materials and highlight the roughness or smoothness life and use have added. Our world breaks down raw resources to make unnaturally perfect surroundings, removing the sensory journey that natural perfection and imperfections can take us on in any given space. This is why I am an artist."


Sarah Bloxham and Jeremy Harwood

Sarah Bloxham & Jeremy Harwood - co-authors

Sarah Bloxham and Jeremy Harwood started writing stories for children to entertain their twin boys as they were growing up. Jeremy is an Oxford educated historian and Sarah a Cambridge classicist. They have worked in the publishing industry for many years and have numerous books to their credit, most recently two Elliot & Gina stories - Room To Grow and A Familiar Sound - and two lift-the-flap illustrated narrative non-fiction titles for children.


Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee - author

Deborah Lee is an author, children's English language teacher and literacy campaigner who helped design national English language curricula for kindergartens and primary schools in China and South Korea. Deborah currently divides her time between an English language teaching NGO in Japan and writing children's books. Most recently she wrote Tidy Space Pirates for Elliot & Gina.

"In my teaching practice, I have used Elliot & Gina titles for bilingual activities. The characters were very easy to relate to and the stories made all children so engaged. One of my students found the illustrations absolutely amazing and said he simply wanted to jump inside the story and live with The Snips!"


Patrick Wallace - author

Patrick Wallace is a writer and teaching coach and trainer for English as a second language educators. He founded his own language school in Kyoto, Japan before heading up school reading projects for the Ministry of Education of China on behalf of a leading educational publisher. He now works as a free-lance editor for major educational publishers in Asia and writes novels and children's stories, including several forthcoming titles in Elliot & Gina series co-authored together with Deborah Lee.