FUDGE PANCAKE TACOS (children's book)

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Written by Deborah Lee and Patrick Wallace (Shiga, Japan); Illustrated by Samuel James (Shiga, Japan)

Part of the Elliot & Gina series, following the escapades of brother and sister Elliot & Gina Snip, their family and friends.

In FUDGE PANCAKE TACOS, Elliot wants to surprise Mum and cook a brunch for her on Mother’s Day. While Dad is helping with sorting out recipes online, Gina pitches in with hand-crafted table and wall decorations she plans to make overnight. And the brightest sous-chef, their roly-poly pet Rolly is helping by tasting Elliot’s home-made chocolate!

High-quality paperback, 230 x 150 mm (portrait), 24pp.