SPENCER'S AIR ADVENTURE (children's book)

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Written by Deborah Lee and Patrick Wallace (Shiga, Japan); Illustrated by Samuel James (Shiga, Japan)

Part of the Elliot & Gina series, following the escapades of brother and sister Elliot & Gina Snip, their family and friends.

In SPENCER’S AIR ADVENTURE the entire Snip family boards Spencer’s cloud bus and travels on holiday to Shell Island. Only poor Rolly the pet has to stay at home. On this maiden voyage you will enjoy many twists and turns, just hold on to your seat tight and don’t make the feisty flight-attendant Tasha upset! And if you survive the landing, you can relax in the slow turtle taxi on the way to the hotel after enjoying the sunset on the beach.

High-quality paperback, 230 x 150 mm (portrait), 32pp.