THE RED MAPLE LEAF (children's book)

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Written and illustrated by Ludmila Zeman (Montréal, Canada)

A modern legend about how CANADA got its giant maple leaves and how people from all over the world came to seek their shelter told by a multi-award winning artist, storyteller and the winner of the Governor General’s Award.

First book in our sub-series Elliot & Gina Discover in which we will bring to our readers picture books introducing deep-rooted elements of various cultures around the world.

THE RED MAPLE LEAF is a story about the symbols of Canada.

Iceheart rules the land and freezes everything in his way. The trees shed their leaves and protect their people from cold and ice. But their effort leaves them naked, exposed and vulnerable. One brave boy seeks the help of Branta, the Canadian goose and together they travel South and bring Summer to Canada so that the maple leaves can grow again.